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fixer of phrases
polisher of prose



This is a line-by-line edit that considers every mark in a text, and requires knowledge of a huge range of writing principles. In the copyeditor’s wheelhouse are sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, expression, word choice, concision, consistency, inclusive language, and much more.


Structural editing

Structural editing addresses the organisation of a text, its overall form and integrity. The work undertaken in structural edits is hugely varied, because each text presents its own structural matters to consider. Depending on the nature of a text, structural edits can address things like pace, tone, plot, characterisation, and whether or not a work needs to be expanded, abridged or rearranged.



A proofread is a final check of a text once it has been designed or typeset. The main task here is to check that no infelicities have snuck into the writing since the edited version was finalised. Proofreading also checks for a range of problems that can present themselves at this stage.

Manuscript assessments

My assessments are written reports on a manuscript’s style, structure and its suitability to its intended audience. They cover the big picture – the level of edit required, what’s currently working and what could be working better, and marketing and publishing options.